Making Blind Foundation services headline news

When you think about the crew behind the scenes of a fast-paced news team, you don’t think about people with sight loss – making it the perfect place to prove what’s possible with the right support. The Blind Foundation is New Zealand’s main provider of vision loss services, but they’re only really known for guide dogs.

To change perception on a nationwide scale, we needed to find a new way in. So instead of creating a campaign designed just to generate PR, we pitched an idea to Newshub journalists to swap out members of their crew for Kiwis with low or no vision.

We integrated them into the Newshub team, with support from the Blind Foundation services. The campaign launched live during the October 29th broadcast. A money-can’t-buy piece of media real estate that placed the Blind Foundation not just in the news, but behind it.

The Newshub Crew Swap story was supported by features on The Project, The AM Show, Newshub digital and social, RadioLIVE, More FM, ThreeNow, and through the Blind Foundation’s social channels – demonstrating that with the right support, people with sight loss can live a life without limits.

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